Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Lies Beneath

I think as Americans, and perhaps as part of some universal human condition, we tend to see the world through a limited lens which can prevent us from seeing sometimes what is really happening in another corner of the world.

Many in America are not rejoicing in Egypt's new found freedom and many also rejoice that it has been the Internet that has taken a role in this. Many feel that they are part of this revolution and that only good things can come of it.

I have to admit that I am far less optimistic. Having been not to Egypt but to Israel and to many other parts of the world, I find that not everyone thinks as we do and that they are part of cultures and religions that are far more ancient that all the means of social networking that are available.

Egypt may well get some form of democracy n the future but is that what they are looking for? The vast majority of Egyptians are Muslim and while they may claim that they do not want Shariah law and an Islamic state I think that some of those comments are filtered through the lens of the American media.

A large amount of oil flows through the Suez canal controlled by Egypt. Egypt also has been a peaceful neighbor of Israel in the Middle East which has been a stabilizing influence.

I can almost see the sneers of those who will say, aha, so it's all about oil. Well, yes, in a way. The worlds economy is driven by energy like it or not. If the oil supply of the Middle East is threatened 3 dollar a gallon gas will seem like pennies on the dollar. The US economy will largely go towards paying for gas for our cars and oil to heat our houses and I suspect, air conditioning will become a thing of the past because families will be struggling to pay for energy bills.

The US economy as a result will be thrown into a deep deep depression as will the world.

And if Egypt does become an Islamic state terrorism will also increase and the Islamic jihadists will see it as an opportunity to find ways to bring about at least limited Islamic rule in the US perhaps starting with small communities which is what has been seen in Europe.

In Egypt, if its under Islamic rule, Christianity will be banned and many Coptic Christians will have to flee.