Thursday, July 29, 2010

Does Glen Beck Attack People?

I have been receiving tweets lately commenting on how Glen Beck has attack and even destroyed people. I try to be an objective person so if someone is saying this I would like to hear why. It seems to me that Glen Beck does a few things. First, he uses a lot of video or quotes from people on the Obama administration. These are people's own words not Glen's interpretation of them, although he does obviously comment on what was said but many of these clips are very revealing about the ideologies of many on the Obama Administration.

Glen also makes connections. He sees how different people are related. That's where all the conspiracy stuff comes in. Is there a conspiracy? I think there are people who have certain ideas who talk a lot to one another and who have a lot of power and political clout. Is that a conspiracy? Call it what you will. But when a group of people who are in power want to drive the united states in a very different direction then I think it's something to be concerned about.

Beck points out the debt a lot. Is that a problem? National debt, especially when it approaches GDP is a really really serious problem. All one has to consider in recent times is Greece. Why would a president want to drive the US into hyperinflation. Why in a time when there is high unemployment does he want to raise taxes. Why in a time when Americans have less and less resources does he want to burden even poor homes with higher energy costs? These questions make any reasonable person wonder what is going on? Do I think there is a conspiracy here? Id don't know? Let the reader tell me? Does Obama honestly think all these polices are going to end well or is there something else going on here?

Beck also talks a lot about the founding fathers. What is wrong with that! He even talked about African Americans who should be in the history books but are not who made a very positive contribution to our nation.

What I don't see is a man who is seeking to destroy. I think he wants to uncover. Isn't transparency a good thing? I can tell you as an American that I feel afraid for our country right now and not just because of the recession. I feel there is something going on that is being concealed from the American people. Believe me, I am not a conspiracy theorist and I don't say this because of Glen Beck.

My suspicion is that Barack Obama really has no great love for the United States. Now that is not Beck. "The Post American Presidency" is one book on this. There are many others. There is a line of thought in academia that people must think more globally and the United States has exploited many people over its history. I believe that Obama sees himself on the forefront of a global revolution. He wants the US to fit into a global picture even if that hurts our nation. The size of many of his bills disturbs me and the congressmen and senators who keep saying "don't worry about it" or "You will like it when you see it" bother me. They sound to much like used car salesmen trying to sell a lemon. Or perhaps, I just don't trust the esteemed speaker of the house enough.

So is Glenn Beck destroying anyone. I think he is shining a light in the darkness and you know when that happens the roaches scatter. Sorry, I guess I broke my own rule of not using "ad hominum" but I just could not resist that one.

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  1. First of all, I am sorry I did not know this blog existed and you already addressed most of what I said.

    I might make the same statement about Obama that you made about Glenn Beck. "I don't see a man seeking to destroy". 90% of the apparatus of the federal government is unseen, regardless of who occupies the Oval Office. When a spotlight is shown on to something, it tends to distort the landscape because most people don't have the frame of reference to evaluate it and I put myself in that category, too.
    I'm going to go at this from a different direction, and that is from the viewpoint of the people you are saying Obama is also a part of. I listen and read lots of differing viewpoints, and Jesse Jackson and those who think like him are NOT happy with his actions so far. Anti-war activists are shocked that more people have been killed by unmanned drones in Afghanistan than under Bush. Paul Krugman is in the corner sucking his thumb because he feels Obama betrayed the cause with a stimulus plan that was too SMALL! Last I checked, Gitmo is still open and Khalid Sheik Mohammed is NOT going to be tried in NYC. Obama went to Copenhagen and stiffed the globalist environmental nut-jobs(oops ad-h)and boy were they p*ssed off! He OKed the use of some very large ordinance delivered by Navy sharpshooters through the skulls of impoverished Somali pirates holding a PRIVATE CITIZEN hostage. I see Obama as a pragmatist just like Clinton was though I concede he is farther to the left than Clinton was. Carter was sort of a blame America firster as well and if you want to look at the bright side of that- he put Reagan in office instead of a Milktoast like Nelson Rockefeller by a huge landslide resulting in the eventual fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall. We as a people tend to right things at the ballot box.